According to the World Health Organisation, low back pain is the leading cause of activity limitation and work absence throughout much of the world, imposing a high economic burden on individuals, families, communities, industry and governments.

CLICK HERE to download the video and slide presentation which will guide you, as a yoga teacher, even more confidence in helping your students to manage and prevent lower back pain through a simple easy sequences of postures.

  • Free 14 minute video defining an easy to follow exercise program designed to prevent lower back pain and related discomfort

  • Slideshow providing a selection of postures to build strength, tone and release areas of resistance in the body


Combining her 30 years of yoga teaching with the experience she has gained from her students, Fenella is offering new teachers and those returning to teaching after a break, helpful advice on preventing lower back pain and related discomfort for their students.

Fenella’s experience spans 3 decades. In 1996, she founded one of London’s leading Complementary Health Centres, she featured on BBC’s Dragon’s Den 3 having co-founded the world’s largest children’s yoga company, ‘YogaBugs’. Fenella taught at a Doctor’s Practice for 18 years, took part in an ante natal research project with Imperial College, London and now teaches around 150 students a week. She also runs workshops and 5-6 international yoga holidays annually.


“In my first year of working as a yoga teacher Nell helped me establish myself. She supported me in finding new students and class planning. Thanks to Nell I didn't have to get two or three jobs to support myself living in London. She helped me feel confident in my abilities and was always there to answer my questions. Nell made me feel more courageous and SO supported.”

Lucy Paget - Osteopath & Yoga Teacher

Rebecca Sherrin Yoga Teacher

“Each class provides a different theme, challenge and thought - carefully planned providing modifications and alternatives, demonstrating the full knowledge of yoga asana, anatomy and mindfulness along with a great sense of fun.


Fenella enjoys helping and advising new yoga teachers or those now wishing to make it their full time business, with guidance on how to build and deliver successful classes and create student loyalty.

She has learned a lot over the years and has spent the last two years developing a very practical yoga course for teachers, providing them with video themed yoga class plans and downloable pdf. There are options for students with more yoga experience and modifications for those newer to the practice. In addition, a comprehensive manual covering many common injuries and health conditions gives helpful adaptations to postures in class and provides a home practice to improve and ease symptoms. All classes have been tried and tested for a 2 year period on over 6000 students.

Fenella recognises how important a mentoring facility is for new and returning teachers and would like to offer her support and advice for those serious about making yoga their own successful business. This service will be available to teachers who take up her course offering. In addition, she would be happy to arrange a FREE CONSULTATION call for new teachers or those returning to teaching after a break, interested in pursuing her course. Please contact her

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